Virtual Sun VS4800-48 Indoor Grow Tent, 48-Inch x 48-Inch x 78-Inch

The Virtual Sun VS4800 Indoor Grow Tent is a multipurpose grow tent that comes boosted with advanced reflective laser Mylar technology.
They are ideal for growing indoor hydroponics and can be very easy to maintain. The grow tent has been made using robust quality materials that can last for years.
In terms of looks, it does come with a simplistic appearance and can easily be kept at any of the preferred places inside the home. With its cover, it can be kept covered without disturbing the ambience, if needed. It blends easily with the other nearby furniture and measures 48x48x78 inches.
The product comes with detailed instructions to facilitate easier installation as well as professional maintenance on a daily basis. The following review takes a look at its features, the benefits and the reasons why one should be buying one of these.

Key Features of Virtual Sun VS800-48

Some of the important aspects that make this product a great option for growing hydroponics at home:

  • 24×8 inch low ventilation slots that can be covered and opened
  • 3-inch diameter utility slots
  • 6-inch diameter ventilation slots
  • Ideal for growing beautiful indoor hydroponics with ease
  • Interiors comprise of Silver, Waterproof, Highly reflective Mylar preventing seepage of the Grow lights and helping to maximize reflectivity of the usable lights
  • Industrial grade super heavy duty Oxford cloth exteriors
  • Weighs only 29.2 pounds and measures 48x48x78 inches
  • Equipped with Heavy Duty Zippers that resists catching on the materials
  • Tool-free assembly and quick take down system


Here are the advantages of the product.

Robust materials

The entire setup has been covered using a heavy duty 600d oxford cloth. The inner lining is quite sturdy making it last long even after years of usage. Moreover, it does come with reflective waterproof mylar that supports an easy growth of plants besides making it easier for regular maintenance.


Speaking about the frames, they come with a firm powder coating clubbed with a reflective floor plan. This is beneficial as it will prevent the growing system from possible damages while planting your favorite plants.

Large Doors

The grow tent is fitted with large doors that facilitates easier setting of lighting system and easy movement of plants in and out. It also has a built-in zipper supporting easy setup and easy opening and closing.

Removable roof cross members

Inclusion of this makes it easy for adjusting both the lights as well as the accessories.

Enclosed Environment

The enclosed environment benefits the seedlings dramatically allowing the grower to have complete control over lighting and climate system. Besides, the tent has been made in a manner that supports easy access to the plants without disturbing the overall environment inside the tent to a greater extent.

Easy Assembly

The concept of easy tool-free assembly makes it far more convenient to assemble this product and dismantle when needed. It has been made in a manner that makes it very light and tight product.

Quick Growing of Plants

The reflective interiors that come with Metal Halide light shine supports very quick growing of plants and results can be visible from day 1 itself.


As with everything, there’s a flip side of the coin, so here are the disadvantages.

Bars could have been stronger

Bars fitted at the top for hanging filters are not that strong. Although they are good enough for lighting and filter systems, make sure you do not overload them.

More Ductile Vents would have been better

There are multiple air vents with 4 and 6 inch ducting wholes. However, more vents could have allowed a better air flow option.

How does the product benefit the hydroponic growers?

Hydroponics and planting at home has recently gained a lot of popularity. People are more inclined to try this method of growing plants inside their homes without even letting others know outside the things you are growing.
It is a quick and advanced method of natural growing that gives you complete control over the climate and the temperature.
Virtual Sun VS4800-48 Indoor Grow Tent has been built to support multiple growing options and the functionalities make it easy to assemble and look great even in the best of living rooms. The aesthetics and the build quality are very good that is meant to last for years.
You are required to put in minimal efforts besides ensuring that everything has been setup right in this system. The rest growing process would be much quicker and can give dramatic results.

How does it fair when compared to other options?

The market certainly offers plenty of options when it comes to growing tents. One product that is similar to the Virtual Sun VS4800-48 Indoor Grow Tent is the Urban Farmer 48x48x80 Reflective Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent for Indoor Plant Growing.
The latter is also well-equipped for hydroponics as it comes made of durable materials and a good quality control system that supports quick growth of plants.
However, the thing that gives virtual Sun VS4800-48 an advantage is the inclusion of a heavy duty 600d oxford cloth clubbed with a good quality chain system. Its inner linings are very sturdy making it usable last for considerable period of time.
Another product that might be a competitor in terms of capabilities is the TopoLite 300W LED Grow Light and 600D Grow Tent Indoor Hydroponic System Kit. However, this is smaller and doesn’t look as good as Virtual Sun when placed in your living area.

The Verdict

To conclude it is evident that hydroponics growing needs robust quality systems that are stuffed with advanced features and made from great quality materials. Virtual Sun VS4800-48 Indoor Grow Tent is definitely one of the better options to choose from.
Price around $120, this product is a great value for money considering the build quality and the aspect of maintenance on a regular basis.
Moreover, as a hydroponics grower, most people prefer a quick and speedy growth for their favorite plants. Hence, with this product they can expect some great growing results in a very short period of time.
This is possible due to the complete command and control that it offers to the grower over the internal environment and climate control of the growing tent.