Why Grow Tents Need Proper Ventilation

When it comes to growing plants indoors, there are many missing factors. Sun is one of the most important factors that plants need to grow, but is sorely missing indoors and in many urban garden settings.

This is why lights and a grow tent’s ability to reflect these lights are very important in the growth and survival of an indoor plant. The combination of LED lights and a Mylar internal lining is very effective as a replacement for sunshine, but it also has its cons.

The main problem is the heat the LED light produces and the buildup of heat within a small enclosed area. This causes a lot of problems within the tent, which leads to the need of proper grow tent ventilation.

Another reason why ventilation is a must for grow tents is to reduce the growth of mold; this happens when conditions inside the tent become too moist and humid; no grower ever wants to see mold contaminating their plants. By ensuring your grow tent is properly ventilated, you will be able to easily avoid these common problems.

Grow tent equipment to help with ventilation

Now that it has been established that grow tents needs to be properly ventilated, it’s time to look into the different tools and equipment you can add to help control the temperature and humidity within the tent.

Take note that these are just suggestions and not must haves, so if you are confident enough in your skills as a grower, you can always just rely on your gut feeling instead of these tools. Nevertheless, here are some great grow tent ventilation aids to look into.

Extractor fans

These types of fans are very handy to have inside your grow tent because they are responsible for pulling out the hot air inside the tent and pumping in new cool air inside. Keep in mind that extractor fans are a little pricey, but they are a good investment when it comes to keeping your grow tent well ventilated.

A tip to consider: For big tent like the Ohuhu 48”x48”x80” Mylar Hydroponic Plant Growing Tent,get at least a 6” extractor fan to get the best results. Adding an extractor fan to your grow tent will make a significant difference in maintaining the temperature and humidity inside the tent.

Oscillating fans

Another type of fan that is beneficial to the ventilation of a grow tent is the oscillating fan. These are cheaper than extractor fans, and they keep the air within the grow tent moving and fresh.


It goes without saying that a thermometer is a handy piece of equipment to have, especially when you want to be sure about the temperature within the grow tent at all times. With the help of a thermometer, you can adjust the lights and fans to achieve the desired temperature that your plants will thrive in.

Carbon dioxide injections

It’s no secret that plants need CO2 to grow and thrive, which is why having the right amount of CO2 inside a grow tent is also important. By taking this extra step, you will increase your harvest and ensure your plants stay healthy.


There’s no better way to ensure that the humidity inside your grow tent is perfect for your plants to survive than using a dehumidifier.

If you have the extra room inside your tent, adding a humidifier will be a great investment. Although take note that not all humidifiers are the same, and it will take some extra research to find the one best suited to provide the best grow tent ventilation for your setup.

Setting your grow tent for success

Grow tents are the best tools for indoor and urban gardening, but just having the tent without a proper setup will end in disaster.

When it comes to growing plants indoors, preparation and planning are important; do not rush into planting your seeds and seedlings without knowing the basics of caring for them because you might just end up being disappointed and spending more than you should.

Even if you don’t equip your grow tent with all the ventilation accessories mentioned above, at least look into oscillating fans as the bare minimum.

Keep your plants healthy in a well-maintained tent and you’ll be reaping a bountiful harvest soon enough.