Infographic LED vs HID Lights

Here we sum up the benefits of LED over HID lights. Whether you use a grow box, mini grow tent or grow room LED lights for growing are the clear winner here.

LED vs HID Lamps

  1. Durability – LED’s have less moving parts and are much more shock and vibration resistant than HID
  2. Lifetime – Up to 100,000 hours for LED, compared to HID’s 25,000 hours
  3. Color Tempuratures – LED has many options at up to 6500 Kelvin compared to HID’s 5000 Kelvin max
  4. Dimmable – Win for LED
  5. Warranty – 5 Years compared to HID’s 1 year warranty
  6. Costs – LED’s have higher upfront costs but less maintenance than HID,  over time LED usage costs less
  7. CRI – HID’s 5 – 93 compared to LED’s 80 – 95
  8.  Cold Tolerant – LED’s tolerant down to -30 degrees compared to HID’s -40 degrees
  9. Light Speed – LED’s instantaneous while HID takes a bit of time to warm up