How To Make Cannabis Oil 

How To Make Cannabis Oil 

Cannabis oil is a special kind of marijuana concentrate. This is a substance that is purely rich in THC and CBD. Unlike the common misconception, cannabis oil is not the same as CBD oil. Cannabis oil provides a platform through which THC and CBD can be consumed in large quantities. The quantity of CBD and THC in Cannabis oil cannot be consumed through the conventional methods such as smoking, vaporizing or ingesting cannabis flower.

The cannabis oil has various health benefits and has been proved to be very important in the medical field. One major use is in the treatment of cancer. While the debate on whether cannabis oil can completely cure cancer is far from ending, there is medical evidence that cannabis oil has been used to completely eliminate brain tumors in animals. There are also testimonials on the internet of people who claim to have completely found cancer healing through the use of cannabis oil. The other use of cannabis oil is anesthesia for those undergoing deep pain. Cannabis oil is also used to boost appetite, bring sleep, skin care, boost heart health and relieve stress.

Steps To Making Cannabis Oil
While there are many internet platforms that claim to sell cannabis oil, it is not easy to ascertain whether they are selling genuine oil. The best way to ensure that you get the right cannabis oil may be to produce your own. Or buy Hemp oil from a reputable retailer such as Amazon. The process of producing naturally homemade cannabis oil is pretty simple as long as you get the right ingredients.

-Prepare your time, you will need at least four hours to get the process done;

– 500 ml of 99.5% isopropyl alcohol. You should chill the alcohol in a freezer overnight for it to work properly.
-One ounce of marijuana powder or fresh weeds of marijuana.

The Process
1-Place your weed/powder in a steel pot and add isopropyl alcohol then crush with a wooden grinder. Keep adding alcohol in small amounts until the weed is completely immersed while you stir and crush.

2-Seave the solvent into another bucket. Ensure that enough marijuana residue is left in the first bucket for the next step.

3-Pour more alcohol to the first bucket until the residue is immersed and keep on crushing. Once you are done repeat step 2.

4-Filter the solvent into a bottle using a coffee filter now, and repeat the process to remove any residue. the solvent should be having a dark yellow appearance now.

5-Fill a rice cooker as much as three -quarters full of the marijuana solvent and set it to the highest heat to boil off the alcohol in the solvent. You can add any remaining solvent to the pot as the levels start dropping.

6-When the solvent levels drop and you are left with what looks like a thick dark paste, add ten to 12 drops of water and mix with a cooking stick.

7-Let your rice cooker to switch to the lowest setting then turn it off.

8- Now let your cannabis oil cool for about 5 minutes.

9-After it has cooled, you can draw the mixture into a needleless syringe and let it cool into a thick grease like paste. You can then squeeze it out.

If you are not going to use the oil direct away, you can store it in a dark bottle in a cool dry place.

Where To Get Cannabis Oil
There are many options available for those who want to get cannabis oil. One of the most reliable means is making your own. If you find the process of making hard, you could buy. However, when buying cannabis oil, you should only buy from trusted and reliable dealers. Please note that, most online outlets that claim to sell cannabis oil actually sell Hemp. Hemp is not the same as cannabis oil.

To make sure you get the right content, you should read testimonials and see product pictures before you buy online. Just like the homemade cannabis oil, the cannabis oil sold online should have a greasy appearance. There are also various brands of legal cannabis oil that can be obtained from drug stores. There is no a prescribed way of applying cannabis oil on the skin. The one consumed by users is usually a small drop- the size of a rice grain.